Phycon Medical Sciences, Inc.

Phycon Medical, Inc.


Prevention . Prevention


Providing diagnostic and theraputic medical instrumentation and services

What's New?

New CPT Code Reimbursements and new revenue potentials:

  • $60.00 for 30 seconds of your MA’s time!! ($36,000 +/- yr.)
  • $70.00 for what you are now doing for free. ($70,000+/- yr.)

Reversing neuropathy, preventing amputations, ($50,000.00+/- yr.)

Transition to more of a "prevention-wellness" practice philosophy and cash based business model of personalized nutrition with DNA analysis, custom compounded nutraceuticals, anti-aging, skin care and more


What We Do

Helping caring physicians discover newly available revenue options that enhance the new prevention practice profile required by the new Medicare prevention initiative, by offering unique diagnostic equipment and  theraputic options

From Diagnostic Testing to New and Pre-owned Dx Equipment

Our professional staff are on hand to assist you with a wide range of diagnostic and theraputic equipment solutions

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