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Glaucoma Screening

How Physicians are increasing profits and patient satisfaction by adding ancillary services!
In today’s challenging health-care marketplace where physician’s revenues are determined by changing reimbursement rates and laws, it’s critical for those running private practices to do
more than find new ways to cut costs and treat more new patients. Many physicians are realizing the benefits of continuously evaluating their practices from a business perspective and expanding the array of health care services they provide their current and prospective patients.
NOW, FOR THE FIRST TIME, PRIMARY CARE PHYSICIANS are able to obtain IntraOcular Pressures (IOP) data IN
THEIR OFFICES with the NEW “OVER-THE-EYELID” TONOMETER PEN ‘DIATON’!  A NEW opportunity presents itself for the physician that cares, with CPT #92140 ($60.00 +/-), an extremely valuable test for all patients over 50 years and others with or family history of glaucoma, diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and eye injuries
REIMBURSEMENTS are EXTREMELY ATTRACTIVE and the INVESTMENT IS EXTREMELY SMALL.  So, CALL NOW for your own free glaucoma test with the ‘DIATON’ determine for yourself how it will impact the level of medical care and the practice top, and bottom line.

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